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02 November 2016 @ 01:05 am

Whats up everyone!!! Gosh i dont even know if the people i knew from way back are still active! But here's to checking if some of you are still are!!!! Omg!!! It's been years! I seriously dont know what came in me to want to check my lj again but im glad i did! Lots of changes huuuuh!

Anyways! Ive noticed that the last story i posted was waay back before i turned 18! Guess what! Im turning 22 next month now! Hehehehe and for all you guus to know, i already have a baby!!!!! Weeeee. Yup yup, jin and i got married and we have a baby togethaaaa.... Hahahahah!!! I wish! But yup! I have a daughter now!

To any of my old friends (and new friends too) who wilk see this, do droo a comment and let me know how y'all have been! Missing the fandom!

Love lots, aki xx

26 September 2016 @ 03:46 am


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22 November 2013 @ 08:45 pm
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28 February 2013 @ 10:43 pm
dun dun dun dunnnnn...
[ the AKAME series ]

Friends, help me with this one, i need a lot of memorable akame moments here. Let's reminisce!
27 February 2013 @ 08:19 pm
Hello lovelies! I'm so sorry there are no updates from meeee! I really find it hard writing now because i lost all my inspirations. :(( Yes yes cuddle me please! :(( However, i'm starting to get back into the mood coz lately i've been reading a lot of stories on wattpad. :)) Yes, i AM now the stalker! haha. It's just so hard for me to write coz i write only about akame, and we all know that akame's really impossible now so... there goes my tears. However, i would really like to keep in contact with you guys and hopefully we can exchange ideas so i can write again! It's almost summer vacation, and i'm trying to land a job, but one of my goals to is to write another fic. :)) Especially since i have lots of new friends who've recently added me *waves to you guys* Alright so pleaaaaase, get it touch with me! That's be awesome! I'd like to know the newbies who are still in the fandom (coz all of my fandom friends have also left) so feel free to get close to me guys! I dont bite!

TWITTER: nightingaiil
SKYPE: lamourcincq
FACEBOOK: Nathalie Rivera

And yessss. i'm taking request, so you can share with me your plotbunnies and inspirations, or probably introduce me to a new pairing! :))
03 November 2012 @ 09:36 am

Title: Picture’s worth a thousand words

Pairing: Akame

Warning: Girl!Kame. No want, no read.

Genre: Romance

Rating: Pg-13 so far, might go up.

Summary: Love was never in her vocabulary. She’s hopeless and was ready to spend the remaining of her life alone, but then she met him. The man who will change everything she’s ever believed in.

A/N: this plot came out of the blue but I’m excited for this. I needed to write fluff! J)) Please do read and leave comments! They’re as good as cookies! <3

I don’t think I’m a man hater. I don’t hate them, I just…. Don’t see myself in a relationship. Collapse )
15 September 2012 @ 09:37 pm

I actually got the notification a month ago, i think? but due to RL situations. it's only been recently announced. For those long-time akame fic readers, they know i've been in the fandom since 2007. YES, it's been sooooo long! I remember stumbling over at blue_orbs's fic IN HIS CARE and that's when i've discovered the passion for writing. Meaning, being in the akame fandom has not only taught me to be a good reader (and a pervert, kekekeke kidding!) but also to develop my hidden desire of writing. I've always liked writing poems, but have never really written a proper story until Insatiable Minds, which was my first. reading it back now, i realized how crappy it was! HAHA1 but i'd seriously want to thank those guys who've been reading since my day one in the community! I've written lots and my personal favorite has always been Johnny's Shounen Gakuen and my girl-kame fics. I had so much fun writing those! And also, i'm known for my mpreg and angst fics! Thank you, readers, for taking time to read those looooooong one-shots that would've fit to be a multi-chap! HAHA.

Thank you to my readers, seriously. I know i've been dramatic at some time. I've been criticized and bashed. i've been though all that, but i would like to sincerely thank those who've stuck with me all these times. I know i'm not as active as before, hell, i can barely even finish any of my multi-chaps, but you guys are still there waiting for my updates! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO SOOOOO MUCH! can't explain how happy i am! :)))

So being the author of the month, i got this lovely banner and will be waiting for my gifts next month! :)) Thank you to the mods of akame_! :))
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03 June 2012 @ 08:13 am

Title: Make-believe

Chapter: 4

Pairing: akame, JinXOC

Warning: smut

Genre: romance, angst

Rating: R

Summary: Waking up with an amnesia, Jin found himself in the arms of someone who claims to be his lover. With no memories of who he really is, he started living his new life with Kazuya. But then, what about the life he left behind? Will he regain his memory back?

A/N: Longest chapter so far! Hope I can update soon! Enjoy and Leave comments! J))

Pi gave an annoyed chuckle, “You want me to leave Jin to you and to just let him believe in your big lie?! You’re crazy thinking you can keep him forever. Sooner or later, his memories will come back, or if not, he’ll eventually find out that you just made up everything that he knows right now and what’s gonna happen after that? You think he’ll ever forgive you? NO. He would never. Because you kept him from his real identity! You kept him from the people who have been waiting for him to come back!” Collapse )

20 May 2012 @ 08:47 pm
I've been flailing since yesterday (okay, maybe for a week already) but i was just so excited for JJ Project's debut that i can't even take them off my mind! (lol i know that was exaggerating but whatever!) So the BOUNCE MV is out and i seriously cant stop listening to it. I don't agree with those who say the song is a mess! Okay, i didn't like it the first time i heard it but after watching the video over and over again, the song grew on me! :3 the MV is LOOOVE <3 JB and JR are such cuties i can't even vNODVJNFSLKVNV *major keysmash* Booty shake's prolly the best part of the whole video imo. :3

(gif credits to: ari_meh)

And well of course my bias is JB! <3 Liked him since Dream High 2 days and i am so heard over heels in love with him! HAHA been so long since i've actually liked an artist this much. But hey who can resist?!
(credits to JJProject@FB)

This duo is so awesome and cute it's too hard to resist them so i recommend that you guys check em out @JJ Project on Youtube! :3 And also, sorry to my jpop bias friends. I'm afraid i'll also be posting quite often bout my kpop bbs so if you don't like that, you can unfriend me. Q.Q But that will make me real saaad T_T
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19 May 2012 @ 03:13 am

Title: Make-believe

Chapter: 3

Pairing: akame, JinXOC

Warning: mild(?) smut

Genre: romance, angst

Rating: R

Summary: Waking up with an amnesia, Jin found himself in the arms of someone who claims to be his lover. With no memories of who he really is, he started living his new life with Kazuya. But then, what about the life he left behind? Will he regain his memory back?

A/N: This chapter took a while because it was so difficult to finish but this one’s long so I hope that’ll make up for that! This chapter’s got a bit of smut so that’s a warning. Hope you guys like this! Enjoy!

. “I know you’ve been trying to hold back from being too close to me Kazu-chan. I’m happy that you didn’t rush me into things I’m not ready to do yet… but… I said we’ll try, remember? And this time, I think I’m ready to give it a shot.”Collapse )