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Hello! I'm AKI :D I'm a young fangirl from the Philippines! I've had this journal since 2007/8 maybe? and this has been my escape from the real life! I'm currently a college student, sophomore year. I'm friendly, nice and really talkative altho at first sight you might find me intimidating and snobby (well, according to my friends, anyway) But i'm really not! I'm very very very nice and i don't bite (unless i'm in a bad mood) So what's there to know more about me? Well, writing fanfictions has become my hobby since highschool years and altho i have a love-hate relationship with my plot bunnies, i managed to write quite a lot of fictions. I'll talk about it more later. Also, i love making graphics, altho i'm not really that good with it, i'm trying. So in this journal you'd probably see more writing than graphics. And i do tend to rant a lot :D


My first love was JPOP since i got introduced to it after watching Gokusen2, which later led me to liking KAT-TUN then obviously AKAME. From there, i started exploring and got to know NEWS, Arashi and other JE acts. I also ventured out to JROCK and became a fan of ALICE NINE. But then it became the KPOP era. So curioisity got me and so i tried listening to them and after that, i developed a huuuuge liking towards them. Right now, i'm into BIG BANG, SUPER JUNIOR, 2PM and my most recent is the JJ PROJECT. I also love watching doramas may it be japanese or korean but recently i found myself watching kdramas more. :))) So? found anything in common? Then maybe we can flail together!


I started writing fanfictions when i was in my freshman year of highschool. All these years my main OTP is AKAME. I've tried writing other yaoi OTPs but i think i fail at them since i've been used to writing my main for so long. I also do write hets and is not afraid of gender-bending. All these while i've only written about my JPOP fandom but i think i'll work on my KPOP fandom as well :)) Also, like i said up there, i've been into graphics-making. I do layouts, wallpapers, icons and all other graphics. I'm practicing since i'm not really that good yet.

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